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Please use our automated LETTER SCRIPT to send a form letter to key decision makers. In addition, please cut and paste the message into the following links.

Governor Rick Scott: http://www.flgov.com/contact-gov-scott/

US House Representative Cliff Stearns: https://stearnsforms.house.gov/Forms/WriteYourRep/default.aspx
Senator Bill Nelson: http://www.billnelson.senate.gov/contact/email.cfm
Senator Marco Rubio: http://www.rubio.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact

President Obama: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

If  you wish to send a personalized  message,  you can send an email to the addresses below or you can call the provided office numbers (these are the people who receive the form letter).

Within the University

Dean Abernathy: caber@mse.ufl.edu
Provost Glover:  jglover@aa.ufl.edu
President Machen:  jbmachen@ufl.edupresident@ufl.edu

UF board of trustees: Trustees@ufl.edu
Vice-President of Research David Norton: dnort@mse.ufl.edu

Florida’s State Government

Governor Rick Scott
phone – 850-717-9337

Florida Senator Steve Oelrich
Tallahassee office phone – 850-487-5020
Gainesville office phone – 352-375-3555

Florida Senator Jim Norman

Florida State Senate President Mike Haridopolos
Tallahassee office phone – 850-487-5056
Melbourne office phone  – 321-752-3131

US House Representative Cliff Stearns

US Senator Bill Nelson
Washington, DC office phone – 202-224-5274
Tallahassee office phone – 850-942-8415

US Senator Marco Rubio
Washington, DC office phone – 202-224-3041
Tallahassee office phone – 850-599-9100

Florida Board of Governors

The White House

President Obama: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments


13 Responses to “Write Letters”

  1. This is a travesty. To call it short-sighted leadership would be too kind.

    Computers are the key to our future, and computer science research has the capability to place Florida in the forefront of the information revolution.

    Over the last decade, the University of Florida made great strides towards becoming a great research university. This progress stopped in the last two years, as the gutting of the Geology department marked the beginning of a disturbing new trend. With this decision, the University of Florida has forsaken its responsibility to lead the state into the new century.

    Eric S. Perlman
    Associate Professor of Physics & Space Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology

  2. CISE faculty, staff, students and alumni:

    I spent the last hour writing personal letters to the list of faculty members, trustees, senators and representatives listed above (as well as my own). As I informed them, this decision not only impacts the students who are part of that program, but ALL students at the University of Florida.

    No student in the 21st century can succeed in their chosen field without a basic knowledge of computer and information science. Those who do pursue this knowledge, even at a moderate level, only help improve their value in an economy which demands skilled workers.

    Approximately a quarter of my education from UF came from CISE, and I attribute a good portion of the success I have had in my field because of it.

    Best of luck in saving a great program at the university!

    In all kinds of weather, we all stick together…

    Erin Brown
    B.S.J, Class of 2003

  3. I have a son starting UF in the fall and have sent two other children through UF. I am a UF Booster and am appalled at the decision to eliminate the Computer Science Department. UF should be a leader in Florida, Computer Science should be one of the more important departments in the school, in my opinion. Rethinking my commitment to the Booster program…
    Douglas Dunlap

  4. Laureen Bagans-Thibaut Reply April 23, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    Thank you. I have written each person on this list. My son is an admitted freshman at UF and has selected CISE as his intended major. His mentor, and FBI special agent in our neighborhood, encouraged this major as a way to assist him in an FBI career! Apparently this is a highly regarded major for this type of career. I have paid numerous deposits and fees alreay and my son declined his second choice school with this CS program, UCF. Now we feel stuck, quite frankly. Please, everyone who reads this, take a moment and sign the petition and write to all of the above. We must try to save this program. We are in a computer age afterall.
    Thank you.
    Laurie Bagans-Thibaut
    concerned mom

  5. Dean Abernath should be ousted.

  6. Dean Abernath should be ousted. Any local and state politicians supporting this should be ousted to in next election too.

  7. Dean Abernath should be ousted. Any local and state politicians supporting this should be ousted in next election too

  8. UF CISE department is best in business and provides top notch education in computing, science, software engineering to not just people of Florida and USA but world wide. There are UF CISE alumni in every private , govt. leadership and key positions. This dept.produces top notch computer scientists and engineers. Any one who does not see any value in what this department is doing and has done, is not a worthy of leading or being any part of UF period.

  9. I just emailed everybody on that list. The Board of Governors public email address Info@flbog.edu bounced back (#5.1.0 Address rejected.) so I guess we must be making an impact. 😉

  10. Univ. of Florida cuts of CISE will short change the health care needs of of Florida.

    They will cut the most imporant research for the aging population of Florida.

    National budgets around the world are now being reallocated to handle the fastest growing budget item, health. Cancer care is the fastest growing disease in health care budgets.



    “Medical expenditures for cancer in the year 2020 are projected to reach at least $158 billion (in 2010 dollars) — an increase of 27 percent over 2010, according to a National Institutes of Health analysis, a 5 percent annual increase.”

    My main interest is to facilitate the early detection of cancer, with low false positives, to reduce the Medicare burden that cancer now poses in the US. Medicaid is now the single largest budget item in state budgets in the US. Cancer care is the fastest growing cost in Medicaid and Medicare.

    “Spending on cancer drugs has risen faster than spending in many other areas of healthcare in the United States.”

    Medicare Unable to Control Rising Costs of Cancer Care


    The public education budget in the US is now being cut by cancer costs.

    Medicaid Surpasses K-12 Spending in US State Budgets



    Could students project what portion of the national budget will be health care and cancer?


    How much of their future pay checks will they need to contribute toward health care/cancer?

    IBM is now building a Watson for Cancer at Sloan Kettering to reduce health care costs.

    New breast cancer tumor diagnostics reduce costs and create an opportunity for IBM to provide the genome community with Watson as a solution to tumor diagnostics data. The Oncotype DX test of Genomic Health (Redwood City, CA) was approved by Medicare 6/2010. Oncotype uses databases to cut breast cancer costs.



    Univ. of Florida cuts of CISE will short change the health care needs of of Florida.

    They will cut the most imporant research for the aging population of Florida.

    Wellpoint Health Care is now developing Watson for Health Care Insurance.

    Will Florida manage health care data or contract it out of state?

    If Univ. of Florida cuts CISE, they will short change the health care needs of Florida.

    They will cut the most imporant research for the aging population of Florida.

    Who will manage Watson for Cancer in Florida?
    Florida computer scientists or out of state contractors?

    My computer science degree has allowed me to pioneer new health care advances.

    I completed a thesis on mapping the Human Genome at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Henry Brown


    505 795-3680

  11. Sanjay Vijayaraghavan (MSME 2000 Ph.D. 2003), Siemens Corp Research and Technologies Reply April 24, 2012 at 12:35 am

    I will spend time later today to write individual, personalized letters to each of these decision makers. I never thought that the day will come where my alma mater and my college would take the decision to close down a reputed, absolutely vital department of this age and in effect kill the program. There has to be better options and I will be happy to share my suggestions in a separate forum.

    Stop and turn around Dean Abernathy and President Machen. Budget savings have to be found, I agree, but not this way.

    PS: Hardly ten days ago, I met a student with an admission to grad school at UF. I am thinking of calling and asking him to seriously reconsider his decision to go to school there.

  12. This is so tragic it’s almost funny.

    Cut computer science… in 2012… really?! Where does the brass figure the jobs are going to be? Every field from the obvious, like engineering (even ECE, hardware doesn’t run itself), to the seemingly removed, like agriculture, art, or sociology, are utterly dependant on modern technology.

    This is embarisingly short sighted. Technology has been for some time, and will continue to be the future of industrty. This is not lost on the world; prospective students, their parents, governments, the economic sectors, they all recact negitively to technology gaps and luls. I wonder how much this cost saving measure will end up running the university when the dust has settled and the loss of registration revinue and the value of partnerships based on educational &/or research respectability can be calculated…

  13. Actions must be taken to (quickly ) recover from the damage that has been done by the Dean to the reputation of UF. The announcements by Dean was completely shortsighted and was indicator of lack of leadership and management competencies on Dean’s part. She must step down.
    Faculties and Dept. Chairs should and must come up with a short and long term plan to recover the damage done to the image and reputation of CISE and UF as whole worldwide. Our industry partners definitely do not want to see all this from CISE and UF. Due to this damage, next thing I see happening is loss of confidence from top notch govt. research agencies and industry partners resulting in loss of research funding and collaborative project awards.
    This entire cliché was very badly rolled out by Dean. She must step down from her position for better of UF, as she has lost the credibility to lead the University and lost support from her constituents /stakeholders in UF and around the world.

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