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The Difference Between CISE and ECE at UF (and Elsewhere)

Dean Abernathy has made three important claims about the state of the CISE and ECE department, both here at UF and in other public universities. They are:

  1. The CISE and ECE departments have a significant research overlap, and  course duplication (i.e., a CISE offering and an ECE offering of the same course).
  2. Many departments in other universities have merged ECE and CISE/CS departments
  3. ABET accreditors have complained that ECE and CISE  jointly administer the  common core courses of the Bachelor’s CE degree

These claims, however, are Continue reading


Joint Letter From CISE Faculty

The following is a letter to President Machen jointly written and unanimously approved by 25 CISE Faculty members on Friday 13, 2012 in response to Dean Abernathy’s proposed budget-cutting plan for the College of Engineering. You can find a pdf copy here.

April 13, 2012

Dear President Machen,

Thursday’s Faculty Senate Resolution (see Appendix) reaffirms the faculty’s and the administration’s responsibility to engage in a shared governance process concerning budget cuts and restructuring (required steps listed below, citing the UF Constitution Article VI(1)(E), Senate Bylaws 22, Dec 2009 Resolution).

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Appearance on Gainesville Television Network

Gainesville Television Network aired a report about the struggle going on in our department today.

Go here for the video.

Timeline of Events

We just received a timeline relating involving or relating to the CISE department and the College of Engineering. It is very detailed, and very informative. I would strongly suggest everyone read it. It contains many details about what has been proposed in the past and why these proposals have been rejected.

You can access the timeline here

How important is the CISE Department to Gainesville?

So why is the CISE department so important? Two important reasons are highlighted in the articles below.

At the University of Florida – perhaps best known for its championship Gators football teams – innovation isn’t the first thing on people’s minds. But that football team famously invented what you now know as Gatorade. And now they’re building Innovation Square, which they hope spearheads their town of Gainesville into becoming the “Silicon Valley of the Southeast.”

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Many professors of computer science say college graduates in every major should understand software fundamentals. They don’t argue that everyone needs to be a skilled programmer. Rather, they seek to teach “computational thinking” — the general concepts programming languages employ.

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Graduate engineering students protest proposed budget cuts

The following is an excerpt from an article published by the Alligator.

Hundreds of graduate students moved as one Thursday to protest proposed cuts to an engineering department.

They gathered on the Reitz Union Colonnade with posters, flooded the Rion Ballroom for a discussion and lined the auditorium walls at the McKnight Brain Institute for a Faculty Senate meeting…

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1,500+ Signatures in less than 24 hours

Over 1,500 people have signed the petition in under 24 hours! Thank you for your work spreading the news about Dean Abernathy’s proposal. Please keep passing it on. We’ve already had reports of the news spreading to several other major universities. If you know graduates from the CISE department, or faculty working at another college, let them know about what is happening here.

UF students stage protest at Faculty Senate meeting

The following is an excerpt from an article published by the Gainesville Sun.

Dozens of University of Florida students crowded Thursday’s Faculty Senate meeting to protest a budget-cutting proposal that would mean major changes to the College of Engineering’s computer information science and engineering department…

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