Letter to the Provost from a former UF Nuclear Engg Faculty member: Excerpts

"As for the reasons for my accepting an alternative academic posting, I
believe that over the past year the College has lost complete focus and
proper direction with regard to the nuclear engineering discipline. There
has been a distinct lack of even an emergency effort in solving the
"elephant in the room" which is a blatant lack of qualified faculty, and
this has been facilitated as an executive decision within the College of
Engineering. This comes at a time when our enrollments are at an all time
high, and my personal research support had its highest year of funding,
nearly $1.5M in 2009-2010. I cannot continue to grow my program or handle
the immense load of research, teaching, and service, with a continuing lack
of infrastructural support, resources, and intent. 
Moreover, as we head into the waters of ABET renewal, several of us have
repeatedly warned the College that the program will, without question, fail
ABET for nuclear (see the email below); I was advised that I should find
some "lecturers" to teach reactor physics and other courses, and consider
moving all undergraduate courses to "web based models". In this day where
nuclear engineers, myself included, are truly in premium demand, there is
really no reason for such mis-guided policy decisions if the nuclear program
at UF has ANY future at all. 
Finally, it is truly heart-breaking to see this type of policy toward
nuclear when we have so many young people very eager to learn the discipline
of nuclear engineering, as our enrollments are at an all time high. Also,
this is occurring while there is significant interest in nuclear research
and education from federal and industrial sources, along with a clearly
telegraphed need for nuclear engineers in Florida at large. This is
especially disturbing since I am personally aware of the effort and
achievements that were made to increase the 50 year old department's
national impact at least three-fold under the leadership of our previous
chairman observed over my last 7 years here. Unfortunately, it is decidedly

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