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University Of Florida Announces Plan To Save Computer Science Department (April 25)

How Governor Rick Scott is Sabotaging Florida’s Universities (April 23)

University of Florida [proposes to] Eliminate[s] Computer Science Department, Increases Athletic Budgets. Hmm. (April 22)

Comment made by Steven Salzberg in response to criticism: link.

New York Times

Losing the Future: Gutting Science Training (April 23)

Chronicle of Higher Education

Florida Dean proposes to save money by revising faculty assignments from research to teaching (April 19)

TV Spots


CISE Students Plan to Attend Graduation (April 19)

Students Rally to Save CISE (April 16)


Students rally over budget cuts to the College of Engineering (April 16)


Students React to Proposed Cuts at UF’s College of Engineering (April 13)

Newspaper Stories

The Washington Post

Athletics 1, academics 0: A guest post (May 10)


Computer Science Department’s Uncertain Future at University of Florida: Student Reactions (May 4)

Gainesville Sun

Plan merging UF engineering departments hits snag (May 2)

New UF CISE proposal not all that new (April 28)

Reaction to Proposed CISE cuts explodes across cyberspace (April 24)

I thought I was two hours away from Disney World, but now I’m not so sure. (April 23)

UF engineering dean extends time to comment on cuts (April 18)

Letters to the Editor: Engineering cuts bad for UF and Gainesville (April 17)

UF students form human chain to protest computer science cuts (April 16)

UF CISE Protest Sldeshow (April 16)

UF students stage protest at Faculty Senate meeting (April 12)

Engineering College chairman blasts cuts as wrong time, wrong place (April 11)

Hernando Today

Residing in an alternate STEM universe (April 27)

Orlando Sentinel

UF drops idea of breaking up computer science department (April 26)

Miami Herald

What is the University of Florida thinking? (April 23)

The Independent Florida Alligator

Engineering students’ sit-in results in discussion (April 18)

Student Senate passes bills to restructure part of executive (April 18)

Budget cuts for engineering department illogical, likely to turn away students (April 17)

University of Florida faculty fights engineering cuts (April 16)

Graduate engineering students protest proposed budget cuts (April 13)

Graduate assistants are not a ‘cost’ (March 21)

Other Media


Fla. university writing new computer science plan, cites ‘overwhelming’ backlash (April 27)

Florida university plan to ‘decimate’ computer science draws protest (April 24)


University cutting computer science dept.? An insider’s view (April 24)

 In These Times

Faced with Tuition Hikes, Students Resist Austerity in Florida (April 19)

Education Votes (by the National Education Association)

Funding cuts in Florida cut route to 21st century (April 18)

The Huffington Post

Education Budget Crisis: Cut Today and Lose Tomorrow (April 18)

CNN iReport

UF Students & Faculty rally to protest proposed destruction of CISE Department due to budget cuts (April 16)

Hacker News

UF shutting down research in Computer Science department (Apr 12)


UF Engineering Dean Proposes to Dismantle CISE Department — Really? (Apr 12)

Related Press

Tampa Bay Times

Governor, veto Florida Polytechnic along with Senator Paula Dockery’s letter (April 17)

Florida Council of 100 to Scott: veto Poly bill, sign tuition bill (April 13)

UF lauded for new business incubator (April 13)

Gainesville Sun

Richard W. Moyer: Budget cuts devastating UF (April 15)


Computer science enrollments rise again by 10% (April 10)


Is Gainesville the Silicon Valley of the Southeast? (April 10)

New York Times

Computer Science for the Rest of Us (March 31)


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