Some Highlights of CISE’s Apr. 27 MOU for CISE-ECE School

One overall guiding principle of the MOU is: “preserving the budget and cultural autonomy of CISE while fostering integration with ECE in overlapping areas.”  The following will be some of the primary changes from status quo.

(1) New faculty lines (and hence expansion of faculty areas) are under the purview of the
School director and will get distributed to one or the other department by candidate’s choice, so this would prevent future cross-hiring of faculty research areas  (this has been the major problem with the current setup); presumably, these new faculty areas will be determined by
(a) mid-to-long term research demand (funding agencies, industry  behavior etc.)
(b) extent to which new hires in an area will leverage and improve the entire faculty’s ability to tap into the above demand
(c) demand in graduate training areas and undergraduate/graduate degree programs

(2) School director and School committees (especially curriculum) for creation,  standardization and efficiency of course offerings and degree programs  across  CISE and the CE part of ECE departments.

(3) School-wide initiatives to foster cohesiveness and coordination of research efforts.

(4) Interfacing of network facilities and sharing some staff

(5) Creating a routine process for faculty, if he/she wants to move tenure home

(6) TAs are an integral part of a sound graduate and undergraduate education in the CISE department, and a sound management model that CISE has developed. We have no plans to  change the current TA policy.  The revenue stream that funds the TAs, however,  could change, if we are unable to convince the college, university and the state how integral TAships are for sustaining an integrated education-research-scholarship ecosystem, for producing rigorously-trained, high-quality graduates, for innovative expansion of education well beyond UF’s campus,  and a sound and well-managed CISE department.


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