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United Faculty of Florida Questions UF’s Management of Reserves, May 2012

Dear Colleague,

In a message to you a couple of weeks ago I listed a number of questions to which I suggested members of the university community – faculty, staff, students – deserved an answer.

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Dean Abernathy’s Final Budget Cut Proposal

On May 11, Dean Cammy Abernathy, along with her administrative colleagues in other colleges, delivered their budget cut proposals to Provost Glover. You can find the 2012-2013 budget cut proposal for each of the University of Florida’s colleges at

The College of Engineering’s “FY 2013 Budget Cuts” document lacks critical details necessary to judge the health and safety of any individual department. Engineering is not alone. Almost every budget cut proposal omits a department-level breakdown, a breakdown for which concerned parents, students, and alumni of affected units are anxiously awaiting.

We expect Provost Joe Glover would require his deans to produce publicly available, detailed reports. It is shocking that he accepts such minimalistic levels of detail for budget cut proposals. At the April faculty senate meeting, he acknowledged that these budget cuts will cause serious pain to the programs and offerings at the University of Florida.

On April 17, Florida’s Board of Governors declared, “Our Universities will continue to tap their reserves year-round in order to save course offerings, retain faculty and account for enrollment growth, among other critical demands.” President Bernie Machen has elected not to spend the University of Florida’s reserves and to instead interpret the one-time budget shortfall as recurring.

Spending of UF’s reserves is just one strategy to address these state-mandated one-time cuts. Another is by closing some of the 102 open faculty positions. If the university is in such dire financial straits, its administrators should carefully consider adjusting their hiring strategies before making permanent modifications to their colleges’ teaching, research, and services. In Florida, the university with the second-most aggressive hiring strategy in these delicate financial times is FIU. FIU has 2 open positions.

Nuri Yeralan
CISE Lead Coordinator

Response to Dean Abernathy’s Special Announcement

Coalition Lead Coordinator, Nuri Yeralan

Dear Gator Engineering Community,


On March 8, 2012, the Dean of Engineering, Dr. Cammy Abernathy, was formally requested by faculty to release her budget cut proposal and to provide sufficient college budget data by which faculty could suggest viable alternatives. The Dean refused both requests during her town hall meeting on March 12, 2012.

On Wednesday, April 11, 2012, the Dean announced and immediately began to implement a budget cut proposal. The Computer & Information Science and Engineering (CISE) department is to be cut by 20%. This amounts to less than Continue reading