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CNET News:

University cutting computer science dept.? An insider’s view (April 24)


Florida university plan to ‘decimate’ computer science draws protest (April 24)

The Gainesville Sun:

Reaction to proposed CISE cuts explodes across cyberspace (April 24)

UF getting rid of ‘excess’ faculty (April 23)

The Independent Florida Alligator:

All UF students should stand up to cuts (April 25)

Outrage as U of Florida guts comp science (April 23)

The New York Times Blog:

Losing the Future: Gutting Science Training (April 23)

How Governor Rick Scott is Sabotaging Florida’s Universities (April 22)

University of Florida [proposes to] Eliminate[s] Computer Science Department, Increases Athletic Budgets. Hmm. (April 22)

The Miami Herald:

What is the University of Florida thinking? (April 23)

ARN Daily:

Florida university plan to ‘decimate’ computer science draws protest (April 23)

The Futute Buzz:

University Of Florida Takes Two Steps Backward, Cuts CS (April 23)


University of Florida guts computer science department in budget-cutting move (April 23)

IT World:

University of Florida fumbles Computer Science budget to athletics (April 23)

Tom’s Hardware:

University of Florida to Cut CISE Dept Budget Drastically (April 23)

PayScale Blog:

Who Needs Computer Science When You Can Have Football? (April 23)

Washington Monthly Blog:

Florida: Computer Science or Sports? (April 23)

RipTen Blog:

University of Florida Cuts Comp Science Department, for Sports (Update) (April 23) Blog:

How the University of Florida spends its money (April 23)

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

U. of Florida Dean Proposes to Save Money by Revising Faculty Jobs to Focus on Teaching, Not Research (April 19)

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