Bernie Machen’s reply to CISE faculty (April 15th, 2012)

The following is the text of the mail sent by President Bernie Machen to Dr. Steve Thebaut and all CISE Faculty in reply to their outrage over a breakdown of shared governance.

“Dear Steve,

Thank you for your letter if April 13, 2012. The faculty certainly needs to
engage on the budget reduction process and I welcome your input. Several
thoughts concerning your letter:

l. June 15 is the date we must be done with the budget cutting decisions.
For you to take three months to propose alternate solutions is not workable.

2. The administration will analyze the current proposal and make its own
determination as to whether it meets the goal intended. The faculty could, if
it chooses, focus on proposing alternative solutions.

3. Dean Abernathy has done an admirable job of proposing a thoughtful
solution to the College’s budget problem and she is to be commended for
releasing it in such a timely manner.

4. Shared governance allows each college to discuss and propose solutions to
its problems. We are not going to appoint a campus-wide committee to moniter
the College of Engineering.

5. All data relevant to the College are available to any faculty member who
wants access. This is one of the virtues of RCM.

6. It would probably be best if all departments of the College engage this
issue since it affects the entire College.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to facilitate your discussions.



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