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Communications of ACM: University of Florida Endangers CS Department (May 15)

FlaglerLive: Contending With a $300 Million Cut, Florida Universities Find Insufficient Funds in Reserves (May 10)

The Washington Post: Athletics 1, academics 0: A guest post (May 10)

Library Journal: UF Budget Cuts to Close Two Libraries (May 9)

GeekMom: Computer Science Department’s Uncertain Future at University of Florida: Student Reactions (May 4)

ComputerWorld: Fla. university writing new computer science plan, cites ‘overwhelming’ backlash (April 27)

The Register: University of Florida drops plans to axe CompSci for sports (April 26) University Of Florida Announces Plan To Save Computer Science Department (April 25)

Yahoo! News: University of Florida Cuts Computer Science Department; Students Fight Back (April 25)

The Boston Globe: University of Florida unwisely cuts computer science (April 25)

SD Times: Zeichick’s Take: Google I/O and Apple WWDC are hot, Univ. of Florida is not (April 25)

The Cavalier Daily: Cut and paste jobs (April 25)

CNET News: University cutting computer science dept.? An insider’s view (April 24)

ComputerWorld: Florida university plan to ‘decimate’ computer science draws protest (April 24)

Inside Higher EdCutting Computer Science Departments While Teaching More Students to Program? (April 24)

Game Politics: University Of Florida Makes Drastic Cuts To Computer Sciences (April 24) Outrage as U of Florida guts comp science (April 23)

ARN Daily: Florida university plan to ‘decimate’ computer science draws protest (April 23)

Arstechnica: University of Florida guts computer science department in budget-cutting move (April 23)

IT World: University of Florida fumbles Computer Science budget to athletics (April 23)

Tom’s Hardware: University of Florida to Cut CISE Dept Budget Drastically (April 23) 

How Governor Rick Scott is Sabotaging Florida’s Universities (April 22)

University of Florida [proposes to] Eliminate[s] Computer Science Department, Increases Athletic Budgets. Hmm. (April 22)

Discussion on, also on

This is the comment made by Steven Salzberg on his blog in response to some of the criticism: link.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: U. of Florida Dean Proposes to Save Money by Revising Faculty Jobs to Focus on Teaching, Not Research (April 19)

Full text available for subscribers. Excerpts available here.

In These Times: Faced with Tuition Hikes, Students Resist Austerity in Florida (April 19)

The Huffington Post: Education Budget Crisis: Cut Today and Lose Tomorrow (April 18)

Education Votes (by the National Education Association): Funding cuts in Florida cut route to 21st century (April 18)

Blogs, Social News Sites, etc.

Robert Love Blog: University of Florida CISE: Now More Than Ever (April 25)

Daily Kos: University of Florida eliminates computer science research, dismantles department (April 24)

The New York Times Blog: Losing the Future: Gutting Science Training (April 23)

Washington Monthly Blog: Florida: Computer Science or Sports? (April 23)

The Futute Buzz: University Of Florida Takes Two Steps Backward, Cuts CS (April 23)

TYT Network: University of Florida Chooses Football over Science! (April 23)

PayScale Blog: Who Needs Computer Science When You Can Have Football? (April 23)

RipTen Blog: University of Florida Cuts Comp Science Department, for Sports (Update) (April 23) Blog: How the University of Florida spends its money (April 23)

CNN iReport: UF Students & Faculty rally to protest proposed destruction of CISE Department due to budget cuts (April 16)

Hacker News: UF shutting down research in Computer Science department (Apr 12)

REDDIT: UF Engineering Dean Proposes to Dismantle CISE Department — Really? (Apr 12)

Local News Coverage

TV/Radio News Reports

WUFT-FM: UF budget gets OK from trustees (June 8)

WUFT-FM: UF students and faculty rally against proposed budget cuts (May 23)

WCJB TV-20: UF Budget Cuts Spark Search for Alternative Solutions (May 23)

WUFT-FM: UF’s reserve funds may help cushion some budget cuts (May 14)

WUFT-TV: Protesters call for UF to “spend reserves” before cutting programs and employees (April 25)

WCJB TV-20: CISE Students Plan to Attend Graduation (April 19)

WCJB TV-20: Students Rally to Save CISE (April 16)

WUFT-TV: Students rally over budget cuts to the College of Engineering (April 16)

GTN: Students React to Proposed Cuts at UF’s College of Engineering (April 13)

Newspaper Articles Machen: UF will seek 9 percent, rather than 15 percent, tuition hike (June 8)

Hernando Today: Residing in an alternate STEM universe (April 27)

Orlando Sentinel: UF drops idea of breaking up computer science department (April 26)

The Miami Herald: What is the University of Florida thinking? (April 23)

The Gainesville Sun:

Machen: Permanent cuts, not reserves, will balance budget (May 29)

UF administrators’ salaries criticized, defended (May 27)

Kim Emery: UF- Time to spend down those reserves (May 27)

Push continues to get UF to tap into reserves to avoid cutbacks (May 23)

Machen open to tapping reserves to delay budget cuts (May 10)

Plan merging UF engineering departments hits snag (May 2)

New UF CISE proposal not all that new (April 28)

UF drops proposed CISE cuts; alternative in the works (April 25)

Use reserves, don’t slash budgets, protesters cry (April 25)

Reaction to proposed CISE cuts explodes across cyberspace (April 24)

UF getting rid of ‘excess’ faculty (April 23)

UF engineering dean extends time to comment on cuts (April 18)

Letters to the Editor: Engineering cuts bad for UF and Gainesville (April 17)

UF students form human chain to protest computer science cuts (April 16)

UF students stage protest at Faculty Senate meeting (April 12)

Engineering College chairman blasts cuts as wrong time, wrong place (April 11)

The Independent Florida Alligator:

All UF students should stand up to cuts (April 25)

CISE gains attention on (April 25)

Why gutting the computer science department affects everyone (April 20)

Engineering students’ sit-in results in discussion (April 18)

Student Senate passes bills to restructure part of executive (April 18)

Budget cuts for engineering department illogical, likely to turn away students (April 17)

University of Florida faculty fights engineering cuts (April 16)

Graduate engineering students protest proposed budget cuts (April 13)

Graduate assistants are not a ‘cost’ (March 21)


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