Paying for Past and Preventing Future Damage

The SaveUFCISE community urges all stakeholders to demand accountability for  the events of the past 4 weeks that have caused severe damage to UF’s reputation among prospective students, parents, academics, alumni and industry partners, who might have considered joining or supporting the Gator Nation . The stakeholders are no longer so sure  that the Gator Nation respects basic research and scholarship integrated with teaching that is vital to a campus ecosystem; prospective faculty recruits are no longer so sure that the Gator Nation respects research faculty status or academic freedom, let alone tenure.

We call for a thorough, academic investigation to shine light on the people and events that caused or condoned the Apr. 11 Abernathy plan.

How could this plan be proposed within an esteemed and illustrious public institution of learning?

Who knew about the Abernathy  plan?  Since when? What were they thinking?  Were they thinking?

What was their analysis of the near and mid term costs and consequences of implementing the Abernathy plan?

What was their analysis of the near and mid term costs and consequences of even proposing the Abernathy plan?

What is meant by the assertion that the fallout  in the past 4 weeks, which will tarnish UF’s image for years to come, was based on misunderstanding?

Who misunderstood what? Thanks to the SaveUFCISE website,  stakeholders correctly understood both the details of the Abernathy plan and its consequences, despite the College administration’s continued misrepresentations of CISE’s performance,  references to “a few bad apples” among CISE faculty, persistent attempts to undermine accurate information presented by the SaveUFCISE community, and false reassurances and glib PR spin about the consequences of the plan.

How did those responsible react as the damage unfolded?

Have they accepted responsibility? Have they admitted  mistakes?

What steps will be taken to repair the damage caused by proposing the Abernathy plan?

What checks will be put in place so that such damaging proposals are not put forth in the future?

What is to prevent the College Administration from continuing to single out  CISE  for special harassment and starvation, as it has for the past 3 years (this could already begin with the details of the budget cut plan to be implemented in July when faculty and students are engrossed in research)?

What checks will be put in place to prevent  (perhaps escalated)  retribution for speaking out?


4 Responses to “Paying for Past and Preventing Future Damage”

  1. Pranav Dandekar Reply May 4, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    Hear, Hear!

  2. Agree with the post.

    Hopefully the negotiatons currently taking place also address these issues and not only the imminent budget crisis. Everything that the administration has uttered so far defends the position of attacking CISE and implies there is every chance that they will continue to do it.

    President Machen saying “As many of you know, the proposal has been met with overwhelming negative response, much of which I believe has been based on misunderstanding.”

    The dean’s latest statement “As I have emphasized at the beginning of the budget discussion, an across the board cut is not an optimum, … ” reinforces this thought.

    Sadly, one wonders who is left to negotiate with at UF. Posts like this one do very well to alert and update the outside world and therein lies all the hope.

  3. It is very important that we get answers to these questions. What guarantee does a graduate student have, that next year his adviser would not be asked to ‘focus on teaching’? Why would any new faculty join CISE when such a threat persists? Every employee should be held accountable for his/her actions. The dean and the asso. deans have made irreparable damage to the reputation of UF. They tried very hard to implement their incredible insipid plan. Their actions should be criticized and investigated. Otherwise, the Save CISE movement should continue till a college of computing is established.

  4. andrewnonumbers Reply May 7, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    This all is very true. I am supposed to enter UF as a freshman next fall, and incidentally my major falls within CISE. This madness with the department makes me lose trust in the school. If they don’t sort this out by the new term, they better be planning to give back my tuition deposit so I can pick up and go elsewhere!

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