CISE GATORS: A human chain around the earth to save CISE.

On Apr 15, we successfully built a human chain around the CISE building. Now, we plan to build a human chain around the earth to SAVE CISE. Please send the photo to and tell us where you are !

Our dear alumni just created an event called “A human chain around the earth to save CISE”, they plan to collect the photos with a “SAVE CISE” logo all around the world to create a photo WALL for showing their support.

The link to the facebook event is here, please check it out and Join!


2 Responses to “CISE GATORS: A human chain around the earth to save CISE.”

  1. Juan Jose Casero Reply April 23, 2012 at 9:09 am

    What the hell! I am an engineering graduate (Chem E.) from 1993 and the CISE department was absolutely vital to my education. They taught he how to write computer programs and how to interact with advanced computing systems. Now I work as a database administrator and this would not have been possible without my years in the CISE department at UF. Please do not drop what I consider to be one of the most valuable departments on campus. For god sake drop some athletic program or spread the cuts evenly across all the departments!

  2. Being a systems programmer for nearly 30 years now working with mainframe computing, I have seen our U.S. headcounts shrink year after year for two reasons. 1) We cannot find qualified employees in the U.S. and 2) Argentina, Brazil and India can do some of the work cheaper. It’s imperative that we continue to make CISE learning a top priority. We need more of technicians with the existing knowledge, to offer free innovative and exciting workshops throughout our local schools and communities, so our children will be just as thrilled with CISE as they are watching Saturday football.

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