Save AFA, Education, Journalism and Music Libraries. At Smathers Library, Room 1A.


Dean of Libraries, Judy Russell is holding a town hall meeting in Smathers Library Room 1A seeking input regarding a 5% budget cut to the libraries. This would include the closing of:

– Architecture & Fine Arts Library
– Education Library
– Journalism Library
– Music Library

For more info, see her 5% reduction plan at (page 45):

“The initial $295,000 cut for the University Libraries listed above could be achieved by keeping key staff and faculty positions vacant, thus avoiding some layoffs. However, the depth of the cut required at 5% would not be possible without a sizeable number of layoffs. The closing of the four Departmental Libraries – Architecture and Fine Arts, Education, Journalism, and Music – would provide the ability to eliminate staff salaries, OPS budgets, and Operations budgets, reducing expenditures by just over $500,000. The services and the majority of the collections of these libraries would be incorporated into Library West, with some materials going to off-site storage. Education students and faculty would see the most negative impact as they are furthest from Library West, but all students and faculty in these areas would be adversely affected. This incorporation of additional materials and use of Library West by hundreds of additional students, without additional staff, would place the branch at or beyond capacity, and would remove the potential of improving the current shortage of study and collaboration space. This is an unsatisfactory solution, but is indicative of the severe impact a 5% cut would have on library services.”

Please visit the Facebook event page for more information.


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