Silicon Valley Alumni Association Meeting

SOME PROSPECTIVE ATTENDEES WERE TOLD  THIS  CEREMONY HAS BEEN POSTPONED On Tuesday, April 24th, Dean Cammy Abernathy was to host The University of Florida College of Engineering Innovation Award Ceremony and UF Alumni Reception at Palo Alto. For more information, please read this message. We suggested all alumni (most of you are CISE), read the information on this page, attend and show your concerns clearly: (1) computer scientists and computer software engineers are not just computer programmers; (2) support computer science research and scholarship integrated with teaching, do not accept a polytechnic institution in its place. In the interest of collaboration, we have created a dedicated Save UF CISE Alumni Google Group.


2 Responses to “Silicon Valley Alumni Association Meeting”

  1. please read this message

  2. not for a polytechnic <- unclear

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