A Radical Agenda to Dismantle Computer Science Research at UF

What is this all about?
Statistics attesting to the standing of  the UF’s CISE department
Dean Abernathy’s proposal
Why should I care?
How will this restructuring affect students?
Attack on tenure and academic freedom
A formula for degrading a research University into a polytechnic
Detailed history of the interaction between the CISE department and the College of Engineering
A breakdown of shared governance
Ideology and Politics in Florida’s Current Higher Ed “Reforms”


3 Responses to “A Radical Agenda to Dismantle Computer Science Research at UF”

  1. What’s going on at the University of Florida? Who’s in charge? The University of Florida; held in high regard as the premiere research institution in the State of Florida and perhaps in the southeastern United States, and known for attracting the brightest students nationally and globally for research and cutting edge technologies seems to have lost their way. In the past year, Governor Rick Scott has openly and repeatedly stated his high regards for the states university systems to focus on “STEM” programs in order to meet marketplace skill sets. These sentiments were echoed recently by the University of Florida to justify tuition increases and maintain a vital “research” position. Now, in a few short months, the Dean of the College of Engineering wants to dismantle computer science research and software related fields of study in the 21st century? If the mere thought weren’t so egregious, most would laugh out loud. Someone, anyone, please step up to the podium at the University of Florida and reassure parents, students, alumni, state and regional employers, and fellow universities that feed students to UF this is all a misunderstanding. Your stock is falling fast.

  2. How about eliminating women’s studies, black studies, Swahili, sociology, criminal justice and other worthless classes and majors. Computer science is key to the future of the university, to the state and to the country.

  3. I am a computer engineer (hardware – not software) and specialize in embedded systems. I have seen in my short career fewer and fewer positions for electrical engineers and more and more for software engineers. As hardware becomes more modular it is becoming much cheaper to purchase off the shelf computing platforms and perform customization on the software side of things with minimal hardware development or modification. If I look at the jobs site for my company (a fortune five hundred technology firm that specializes in custom engineering / consulting) and broadly search for engineering positions I immediately see several pages of software engineering openings compared to one page of openings for electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineers. If I were to recommend and undergraduate degree to someone right now, it would likely be software engineering, because that is where the job market is continuing to grow the most. If you were going to cut any program, why would you cut this one? From a jobs perspective it would have made much more sense to cut the school of journalism or performing arts.

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