1,500+ Signatures in less than 24 hours

Over 1,500 people have signed the petition in under 24 hours! Thank you for your work spreading the news about Dean Abernathy’s proposal. Please keep passing it on. We’ve already had reports of the news spreading to several other major universities. If you know graduates from the CISE department, or faculty working at another college, let them know about what is happening here.


4 Responses to “1,500+ Signatures in less than 24 hours”

  1. This is a ruthless decision and a shameful event on the part of the University of Florida. We feel cheated as graduate students or even as a part of CISE department.The international mass feels betrayed and repulsive towards such an awful decision.The main attraction of foreign students was CISE dept till now but given this decision the whole reputation of the college is at stake leave apart the huge revenue of research that the department generated.There was no transparency in the whole discussion with the Dean today and such a decision has left the careers of students, faculty and staffs all in jeopardy.

  2. I wish there were also a petition to the university president. It is clear that no sensible person would take the decision the dean has taken, and so there isn’t much of a point in petitioning the dean. CISE should perhaps also contact some legislators.

  3. Wow! This is pretty odd. In a time when the country needs more trained computer scientists we are closing the top CS department in the state of Florida? Something does not add up!

  4. This is a classic case of “penny wise, pound foolish”. At a time when most CS departments across the country are hiring new people, and aiming to play a leading role in steering the technological innovation not just in US but globally, UF is eliminating it’s CS department!

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